Multiplication Test

We will have our multiplication test on Wednesday, November 13th. It will include basic multiplication facts, multiplying 2,3,& 4 digits by 1 digit, multiplying 2&3 digits by 2 digits, mental math (300×50), and estimation.


We are working hard on the following skills with fractions…
* Equivalent Fractions *Comparing and Ordering Fractions
*Adding and Subtracting Fractions * Simplifying Fractions
*Understanding that a Fraction is a Division Statement

Addition and Subtraction

We are starting our unit on addition and subtraction. Be sure to have your child show you their math programs on,, and Each child must be able to add, subtract, and estimate large numbers to the millions.

Math Benchmark Test

Our first math benchmark test will be on Thursday, October 12, 2017. It will cover place value, rounding, comparing and ordering numbers, addition, subtraction, problem solving, estimation, a few multiplication facts, and elapsed time.

Field Trip on Monday

Just a reminder that we are traveling to Fredericksburg on Monday, January 23. Students may ride regular buses to and from school, since we will take the trip during our regular school day.  All students need to bring a lunch, snacks, and drinks. All students should wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

Multiplication Test

We will have our next test on November 14 or 15, depending on our progress this week. Please study the multiplication facts with your child and practice large multiplication. Thank you.

Welcome to the Fourth Grade!!

It’s back to school time. Be sure to practice your multiplication facts each day. Our multiplication unit will start soon. Knowing the facts will help you to be tremendously successful this year. Being a great math student takes practice, so please practice often (in the car, at the grocery store, playing games, cooking, etc.) Let’s make math fun!!